MS TT Series Artificial Grass

    1. Model:
    2. MS TT
    1. Width(mm):
    2. 1.4±5%
    1. Thickness(μm):
    2. 205±5%
  • Safety
    Yarn of MS TT series artificial grass is soft and ductile, and very close to natural grass. The temperature produced by friction is low, and it can effectively prevent sports injury.
  • Anti UV
    It has special ingredients to resist the UV damage of artificial turf, which also can enhance the anti ageing property.
  • Comprehensive performance
    The basic property has upgraded comprehensively, whether from the use of feeling, service life, or the environmental performance, they all have a superior performance.
  • Natural color
  • High price-performance ratio

Application field: Football field, multi-functional sports venues.

Torchgrass company is a leader of the industry of artificial turf and engaged in synthetic lawns for many years. The main business for our company includes manufacturing and sales of synthetic lawns. Our synthetic lawns are applied to rugby field, campus football field, baseball field, tennis field, golf field, hockey field, indoor children’s playground, landscaping and other uses for leisure. MS TT series artificial grass is the hit product of Torchgrass company and featured with anti-UV. Football lawns and other venue lawns made by MS TT series artificial lawns offer the most durable and safest experience to customers. Apart from that, its softness and ductile can offer you best experience.