EN Series Artificial Grass

    1. Model:
    2. ENXQ
    1. Width(mm)
    2. 1.7±5%
    1. Thickness(μm):
    2. 220-260±5%
  • U-shape artificial grass which is super wear-resistant.
  • Excellent upright performance
    The unique U-shaped cross section, which makes the hand feeling more firm and thick, has greatly enhanced the upright effect, and improved the durability.
  • High wear resistance and high resilience
    With excellent wear resistance and movement performance, the rebound resilience of this EN series artificial grass is several times higher than ordinary one. All of these features make grass fiber effectively contacting and supporting the ball, the movement is carried out on the grass.
  • Good water storage performance
    U-shaped section improves the water storage performance of artificial turf system, effectively reduces the temperature of the lawn system, makes the movement environment more excellent.

Applicable fields: Professional football field, soccer field, and baseball field.

Torchgrass company, founded in 2003, is a leader of the industry of artificial turf. The main business for our company includes manufacturing and sales of synthetic lawns. Our synthetic lawns are applied to rugby field, campus football field, baseball field, tennis field, golf field, hockey field, indoor children’s playground, landscaping and other uses for leisure. EN Series artificial grass is a kind of U-shape grass with high wear-resistance and resilience. EN series artificial grass constitutes turf such as professional football artificial turf, soccer turf and baseball turf.