Products Advantages

  • Safety and environment friendly
    Grass fibers using color masterbatch, free of heavy metals, the user can prolonged contact , without any impact on the surrounding environment; also turf with good conductive performance reduces the static electricity in the movement process, prevents skin burns and better protective to the athlete.
  • Natural Feel
    The perfect performance of the appearance and sliding of turf make it become the ideal choice for the football and American football.
  • High Anti-UV capability
    High anti-UV capability of turf dues to advanced UV additive technology. It prevents color fade after exposed to long time of sunshine and keeps the stability of turf performance.
  • stable temperature range
    The yarn can work at high and very cold temperature, the physical property of the fiber is still stable and performs very well.
  • Super anti-abrasion
    Under the same high intensity and high frequency of continuous use, our yarn still keep stable, no fork, no broken than other brand artificial turf.
  • Movement affinity
    Remarkable sliding performance ensures the safety and comfort of athletes under providing the system performance.