Artificia Turf Solutions

Artificial turfs are comprehensively applied in the sports stadiums, leisure courtyards, roof gardens, amusement parks, kindergartens, swimming pool surrounds, and the isolation strips of hippodromes, airports and highways. As an important part relating to people's life, artificial turfs need your special attentions while they are paved.

  • Bases. Flat, stable, and good drainage of bases are the essential elements for better paving artificial lawns.
  • Locating and lining. Mark the accurate positions of lines and points according the first decided central point of the ground. Choose the right artificial lawns (such as thickness, property, etc.) relying on the actual condition of grounds.
  • Prepare for paving. You need to repair and clear bases before paving synthetic turfs. The cutting and paving of artificial lawns must be processed or constructed by professional workers and strictly follow the requirements of blueprints. Professional knifes and glues are needed. Additionally, please avoid paving the artificial turfs in humid weather condition, such as in raining day or foggy day, etc.
  • Set aside the white colored parts of artificial lawns by cutting them off for future need.
  • 2cm–3cm spare green colored artificial lawn of every piece of artificial lawn should be prepared for jointing the separated pieces of artificial lawns firmly.
  • 20cm to 30cm dry fibre cloths or non-woven fabric cloths with special glue are used to joint the separated synthetic turfs together. If the joint seaming is too wide, you can cut a cut on artificial turfs at 2cm-5cm away from the seaming, and then pull two turfs closer, thus ensuring beautiful appearance.
  • The function lines should be decided and marked again after finishing the paving of artificial lawns. The white colored artificial lawns used for mark lines are placed at the decided position with the help of fibre cloth and special glue by cutting off the green colored artificial turfs paved there already, and then compress the white colored mark lines tightly until they are firmly adhered to the ground. For the corner kick areas with arcs, you can cut the whole area into small pieces and joint them together again carefully.
  • After finishing all the works above, final work of removing bumps or overlapped lawns with the help of specialized knifes and special glues have to be done to make the whole artificial lawns looks flat and natural.
  • Finally, fill in sands and rubber granules, and brush the artificial lawns. To protect the artificial lawns, the washed and dried silica sands are paved at the foot of the artificial grass, and then the rubber granules are paved on top of sands. Basically the rubber granules are 10mm lower than the artificial grass top.
  • Site clearing, size checking and quality inspection, etc. have to be done.

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