PP Series Artificial Grass

    1. Model:
    2. PP6600
    1. Width(mm):
    2. 12±5%
    1. Thickness(μm):
    2. 65±5%
    1. Material:
    2. Thiolon PP (polypropylene)
  • PP series artificial grass has different types and colors.
  • Extremely strong rebound resilience, good inclusivity.
  • Grass yarn is designed with wide leaf and there is a connection between the yarns. It can recovery the deformation instantly after stomp on it. The stability of the feet is very good.

Application field: Tennis courts, basketball courts, runway, and other venues.

Torchgrass company is a leader of the industry of artificial turf and engaged in synthetic lawns for many years. The main business for our company includes manufacturing and sales of synthetic lawns. Our synthetic lawns are applied to rugby field, campus football field, baseball field, tennis field, golf field, hockey field, indoor children’s playground, landscaping and other uses for leisure. PP series artificial grass is the hit product of Torchgrass company and featured with high elastic and good inclusivity. Tennis grass rugs, basketball lawns and other venues lawns made by PP series artificial lawns offer the most durable and safest experience to customers.