Artificial Sports Turf

Features of artificial lawns
  • Better resilience increases the buffering power.
  • Good water permeability.
  • Save maintenance expenditure and water resources.
  • Our artificial lawns are recyclable, so they are environmental friendly
  • It has the function of noise reduction and shock absorbing. Moreover, by filling with washed-dried quartz sand, our synthetic turf won't produce any dirt on users' clothes, and there is no need to mark lines because this process has been done during artificial lawn production.
  • Low requirement to bases. It can be well installed on either cement floors or asphalt floors or flat and hard sand grounds.
  • Economical and practical. The life span of every artificial turf is over 10 years.
Advantages of artificial lawns on sports ground
  • Adaptable to various weather conditions and locations.
  • Similar to natural grass. Artificial turfs are made in accordance with bionic principles, thus people feel the same resilience of natural grass when playing on artificial lawns.
  • Easy to pave and maintain. There are no special requirements on ground bases while paving. Our artificial lawns work well with asphalt floors and cement floors, and short construction periods are needed. They are especially suitable for frequent using stadiums, like stadiums of high schools and primary schools. They have features like good durability, water permeability and abrasion resistance.
  • Multiple applications. Provided with multiple colors, our synthetic turfs can be used in variety of applications, like courtyards, roof gardens and so on. Our synthetic grass also features good color fastness.
  • Manufactured with modern advanced technologies, our products have high tensile strength, high resilience and aging resistance.
  • High safety standard. Special designs of the artificial turfs can protect sporters from hurting by scratching or falling down.
  • Average life span is over 10 years.
  • Environmental friendly. No toxic substances involved.

Since the company was established in 2003, we have devoted to manufacturing artificial lawns with advanced equipment and latest technologies, implement strict quality inspecting measures, and regularly communicate with renowned artificial lawns manufacturers of the latest workmanships. Thus our artificial lawns, like soccer artificial lawns, baseball artificial lawns and softball artificial lawns, are of reliable quality and properties, and they are certified with FIFA, SGS, CE, etc. Presently, our artificial lawns are sought after in American, South Korea, United Kingdom, Spanish, Russia, Australia, etc.
We expect to establish business relationship with customers world wide. If you need any artificial lawns, please contact us at Beijing Torchgrass Company.

Beijing Torchgrass Company is a professional manufacturer of artificial turfs based in China. We are specialized in manufacturing soccer artificial turfs, baseball/ rugby/ cricket artificial turfs, softball artificial turfs, tennis artificial turfs, basketball artificial turfs and landscaping artificial turfs and more. Our products fall into two categories. One is sports-use artificial turfs, which are mainly applied in American football or soccer fields, rugby fields, hockey fields, golf fields, tennis fields, basketball ground, and baseball fields and runway and so on. Another type is leisure-use artificial turfs, which are mainly installed in house floors, courtyards, villas, roofs of houses, kindergartens, amusement parks, and around swimming pools and so forth. Additionally, our artificial turfs also can be placed in the isolation strips of hippodromes, of airports and of high ways for the purpose of landscaping.