MSPRO Series Artificial Grass

    1. Model:
    2. MSPRO
    1. Width(mm):
    2. 1.45±5%
    1. Thickness(μm):
    2. 130-310±5%
    1. Material:
    2. Thiolon PE (polyethylene) monofilament
  • Excellent wear resistance and upright performance.
  • Outstanding movement performance.
  • MSPRO series artificial grass can still maintain excellent ball rolling performance after using it for a long time and high frequency.
  • Extremely strong rebound resilience is benefited by double side reinforced cross section.
  • Closer to nature
    Low light reflection, more comfortable, and more natural visual sense.

Application field: Football field, rugby field, and baseball field.

Torchgrass company is engaged in various types of synthetic lawns for many years. MSPRO series artificial grass is one of the main products in Torchgrass company. Apart from that, we also have our own development department and factory to produce artificial grass and turf. Football meadows, rugby lawns and baseball grass rugs composed of MSPRO series artificial grass have features of strong wear-resistance, high resilience and excellent movement performance.