Introduction of Thiolon

Beijing Torchgrass – The exclusive strategic partner of TenCate Thiolon in Asia-Pacific.
Royal TenCate Group is an international company specialized in chemical material and textile region, has more than 300 years development history till now. The products are widely used in the following region: safety and protection, aerospace, sports and landscaping, basic infrastructure and environment. With good performance and reputation, TenCate group constantly research and develop new technology, is the leader in the field of technology.

A branch organization TenCate Turf group
Is the world biggest artificial yarn manufacturer, the business covers global market, has the production plant and sales office in Europe, Middle-east, North-America and Asia. The subsidiary company Thiolon is the leader in yarn and backing of artificial turf industry who can provide perfect solution for all kinds of sports surface. The company has three production bases: the Netherlands, U.S.A and Dubai.

Beijing Torchgrass – Strategic partner of TenCate Thiolon
TenCate Thiolon yarn is widely used in all kinds of artificial sports surface, now in worldwide, has more than 125 million square meters sports field was made by TenCate yarn.

Torchgrass has worked with TenCate more than 10 years, is the exclusive strategic partner of TenCate in China. Now all of the sports turf of Torchgrass use TenCate yarn which occupied more than 50% shares of TenCate in Asia-Pacific market.