Spine-Shape Landscaping Grass Turf

Type Landscaping Artificial Turf
Use Lawns, landscapes, parks and recreation
Colors 3 or 4 Tones Straight Yarn (Field/Lime or Field/Olive Green), Thatch (Green or Yellow/Green…etc)
Packaging Roll width: 4.00m, 3.9m, 2.00m Roll length: On request
Turf Characteristics
Composition Polyethylene+ Polypropylene
Dtex 7000-15000
Straight yarn shape Diamond/Flat/Triangle/Spine/W/U/V/S/C…etc
Pile height 20mm-60mm
Gauge 3/8inch
Stitches/10 cm 12-26
Yarn weight 1250g/sqm ±10%
Tuft per square meter 12600-27300
Tuft withdrawal force (Dry) >30N
Backing Characteristics
Backing cloth Double PP
Weight per unit 240g/m2±10%
Coating type SBR (DOW)
Coating weight 900g/m2 (Dry)
Total backing weight 1140g/m2
Total carpet weight 2390g/m2±11%
Test Results
Permanence against UV Rays W.O.M testing 8,000 hours in accordance with DIN53387
Fastness of the color Blue scale (1-8)>7 in accordance with DIN54004

Note: Maintenance can be seen in separate documentation available on request from Torchgrass. We reserve the right to modify these specifications.

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1. Both heat and cold resistance, and can be used anywhere.
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3. The color of our synthetic grass is similar to that of natural grass.
4. Easy to maintain. Our landscaping artificial grass has a great advantage over natural grass, that is, our artificial grass is free from weeding and deinsectization.

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