Synthetic Turf Maintenance

Maintaining Artificial Turf

  • Basic requirements

    Comparing to natural turfs, artificial turfs are easier to maintain and more economical in expense. Besides, regular and proper maintenance can improve the practicability and aesthetics of artificial turfs.
    However, differ from natural lawns, artificial lawns perform extraordinary after at least 2 weeks using and natural weathering. In the period, about 2 weeks, of steadying the fibre grass, after finishing paving the artificial lawns, heavy machines or other vehicles should be prohibited to enter the lawns, and keep the minimum of cleaning, especially avoid cleaning in high temperature weather conditions. The following tips are useful in using the artificial lawns.

    • Keep the artificial lawn clean.
    • Control the use of artificial lawns.
    • In the artificial lawn area, no smoking, as well as no food or drink to be brought inside.
    • Little damages require instant repairs.
    • Strictly follow the guidance of maintenance from manufacturer.
  • Cleaning

    Rain can be the best cleaner. It can wash away dust and pollen as well as other contaminated substances on the fibre grass. The artificial lawns need to be cleaned and you should take the following tips into consideration.

    • Place sufficient dustbins inside the sports stadiums to recycle litters for the purpose of keeping the stadium clean.
    • Set special runway for vehicles to avoid leaving dirt and wheel prints on the artificial lawns.
    • Keep a non-smoking environment inside the sports stadium.
  • Small scale clean

    It is much easer to use clean machine to clean papers, scran, dust, and tapes, etc. on the artificial turfs after matches. But special attention should be paid on the following elements.

    • The types of brush. The nylon or polyethylene brushes are suitable, and avoid using any metal brush.
    • The installation of brush. The best choices of installed brushes are those which will not touch the top of artificial grass. Never use clean machines with lower installed brushes to clean dirt of the artificial lawns in case of removing the filling rubber granules, and damaging the grass and bases.
    • Temperature. Never clean the artificial lawns with clean machine in a temperature higher than 33 centi-degrees in summer.
    • Mind the tail gas of vehicles. In case of burning or melting the fibre grass, no operational vehicles are allowed to stop and release tail gas on the artificial lawns.
    • Spilled oil. Special attentions have to be paid to the spilled lubricant, grease lubricant, or acidic liquid. All these liquids are destructive to the artificial grass by changing colors of the grass.
    • Frequency. Clean artificial lawns two times every month.
  • Clean stains

    Polyethylene is well known for its special humidity immune capacity and easy removal of surface stains. The polyethylene is the primary material of artificial lawns, so stains on the artificial lawns can be easily cleaned before they dry. With regard to some solid stains, they can be scrubbed by knifes, and then cleaned by towels or paper. The procedures of cleaning are as follows.

    • Liquid stains
      We recommend using household cleaner of gentle nature to clean liquid stains.
      a. Scrub the leavings with firm fibre brushes.
      b. Wash the stains with soap-suds, and then rinse stains with clear water.
      c. Dry the lawns with super absorbent towels.
    • Oil stains
      a. The sponge with PEC (perchloroethylene) can remove many kinds of oil stains, such as edible oil stains, shoeshine stains, ball pen oil stains, etc. After washing by clean water, you can dry the ground with super absorbent towels.
      b. Both turpentine and paint remover with water can be used to remove paint on the artificial lawns, and then scrub the paint by sponge with PEC, until the artificial lawns are clean again. Besides, as turpentine and paint remover are combustible materials, please keep them away from fire and keep workplace well-ventilated.
    • Chewing gum stains.
      Freon can be used to clean the chewing gum lumps on the artificial lawns. By spraying Freon to the stains and then clean the leavings with water and towels, until the artificial lawns are cleaned totally.
    • Fungus and mildew.
      Scrubbing and then soaking the stains in the water with 1% peroxide. Never spray water with a pressure over 2067kpa (300psi), in case of damaging the artificial lawns.
    • Ice and snow
      Ice and snow bring no damage to the artificial lawns and they will naturally melt and disappear. However, people have to remove ice and snow on artificial lawns if they have to use the stadium immediately. Generally, the best time we finish removing the ice and snow on the artificial lawns is right several minutes before using them, which is on the purpose of avoiding another clean if it snows or ices up again.
      a. Snow blowing machine.
      This machine is suitable for removing powder snow. There are several factors that should be noticed.
      1) Avoid the machine getting into lawns.
      2) The snow blowing machine should be placed at the central of the field for better cleaning the snow piece by piece.
      3) Adjust the position of snow blowing machine while it is situated at the conjoint part of two pieces of snow. To remove one piece of the snow and carry it away with a truck first, and then deal with another one.
      4) Using brushes or rotated brooms to finish cleaning the rest snow.
      b. Rubber snowplow machine.
      This machine is suitable for removing wet and heavy snow. The scrubber has to be contacted gently and compactly to the ground and roll up snow slowly. Never use metal or wood or hard surface scrubbers. You should clean the snow as follows:
      1) Sweep the snow into layers.
      2) Adjust the scrubber of snowplow to the right height and push the snow into piles.
      3) To clean the rest snow by rotated brooms and snow blowing machine.
      4) To crack the ice by extra-heavy lawn rollers, and then continue the procedures above. Furthermore, only the rubber snowplow machines with pneumatic tires are allowed to work on the artificial lawns, and for the sake of protecting the artificial lawns, no parking of machines or using of waterproof cloth on the artificial turfs while cleaning.
      c. Remove ice
      Apart from the methods of cracking ice by extra-heavy lawn rollers and sweeping the cracked ice away directly, we can melt thick ice with the assistance of chemical agent. As chemical agent will produce some unpleasant leavings, the artificial lawns have to be washed later if the weather and temperature allow.
      Generally, 45kg (about 100 pound) Urea can be scattered on 280 km (about 3000 sq.ft.) synthetic turf, and the ice will melt in half an hour, and the melted ice should be washed away then. However, the Urea can not melt ice when the temperature is below 17 centi-degrees (0 F). Besides, no salt, mineral salt or other corrodent and poisonous chemical substances are proper to melt the ice on the artificial lawns. As the Urea is slightly deleterious to human eyes, please wash you eye with plenty of clean water immediately if gotten into your eyes.
  • Preparation for matches

    Keep synthetic grass away from fire, and keep it clean.
    1) Japanning.
    In order to keep the artificial lawn looks flashy within one season, we need to paint the artificial lawns with a kind of emulsion paint which with gentle nature and super adsorption. You have to notice the following tips while painting.
    a. To ensure the ground is dry while painting.
    b. The recommended temperature of the artificial grass when you start painting is 18 centi-degrees to 30 centi-degrees.
    c. To ensure the field is clean.
    d. To keep a proper density of the painting, and avoid over coating the lawn.
    e. Stop using the artificial turfs within 48-hour while the painting is drying.
    f. Do not paint the artificial lawns with brushes or rollers.

    2) Watering
    Extra water the artificial lawns can lower the temperature of sports stadium. It not only will create a delightful sports environment, and also is beneficial to the artificial lawns. However, it is better to wet the ground instead of soaking the ground. Besides, the water should be clear and unpolluted.

  • Other repairs

    1) Burnt by cigarettes.
    Usually, cigarettes just burn and melt the top of fibre grass into hard stains. You can remove them with metal brushes. (You can cut the stain and brush them if stains are hard to brush.)
    2) Blanks.
    Sometimes, the synthetic grasses are not uniformly paved. For instance, some parts are thinner or blank. You can repair the blanks through the procedures below.
    a. Brushing the whole artificial lawn again.
    b. Filling rubber granules to the uneven or thinner parts.
    c. Recovering the whole lawn into tidy and even again.

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