FLASH Rugby Artificial Turf

Features of Baseball/ Rugby/ Cricket Artificial Turf
1. Our baseball/ rugby/ cricket artificial turfs can be used all day long, and are free from the influence of climate and location.
2. With excellent anti-friction capacity and long life span.
3. Easy to maintain. Stains can be washed away by clear water without fading or deforming of the lawns.
4. Our baseball/ rugby/ cricket artificial turfs are safe to use, noiseless, soft and flame resistant.

Technical Parameters
FLASH Soccer Artificial Turf MU SA SLIDE-50mm Soccer Artificial Turf
Use Baseball, rugby, cricket
Colors Bi-color (Field green and olivegreen)
Packaging Roll width: 4.00m, 3.9m, 2.00m
Roll length: On request
Turf Characteristics
Composition Polyethylene
Structure Monofilament straight
Yarn count 13000Dtex±10%
Pile height 50mm ±5%
Gauge 5/8inch
Stitches/10cm 15±10%
Tuft per square meter 9450 ±10%
Yarn weight 1250g/m² ±10%
Tuft withdrawal force (dry) ≥40N
Backing Characteristics
Backing cloth Double green PP
Weight per unit 240g/m²
Coating type SBR (DOW)
Coating weight 900g/m²±11%
Total backing weight 1140g/sqm±10%
Total carpet weight 2390g/sqm ±11%
Test Results
Permanence against UV Rays W.O.M testing 8,000 hours in accordance with DIN53387
Fastness of the color Blue scale (1-8)>7 in accordance with DIN54004
Line color White
Line width 100mm, 75mm, 50mm
Note: Maintenance can be seen in separate documentation available on request from Torchgrass. We reserve the right to modify these specifications.

Torchgrass company is engaged in various types of synthetic lawns for many years. FLASH soccer synthetic grass carpet is an appealing product in Torchgrass company. Apart from that, we have mass production in artificial grass rug and provide artificial turf solutions. Rugby synthetic lawn is widely installed. Rugby meadows composed of rugby synthetic lawns have features of strong wear-resistance, high resilience and outstanding movement performance. FLASH rugby synthetic lawns can present a magic experience on players.