XP CT SLIDE-61517 Tennis Artificial Turf

As a professional manufacturer of tennis artificial turfs based in China, Beijing Torchgrass Company is qualified to manufacture excellent products, and our tennis synthetic grass feature as follows.

  • Our tennis artificial turfs has remarkable capacity of protecting the ankle joint, knee joint and loin joint of players by decreasing the impact force.
  • With good resilience and shock absorbing performance. Firmly stick to the ground. Hence, this type of synthetic grass is especially suitable for frequent using.
  • Easy to pave and maintain. Good air and water permeability.
  • Our tennis artificial turfs are carefully and professionally designed, thus enabling them to match well with the surrounding.
Technical Parameters
Type XP CT SLIDE-61517 Tennis Artificial Turf
Use Tennis
Colors Fieldgreen, limegreen, olivegreen
Packaging Roll width: 4.00m, 2.00m
Roll length: On request
Turf Characteristics
Composition Polyethylene
Structure TenCate Thiolon® fibrillated
Yarn count XT5000Dtex ±10%
Yarn thickness 100μm
Yarn width 5mm
Pile height 15mm±5%
Gauge 3/16mm
Stitches/m 210 ±10%
Tuft per square meter 44100 ±10%
Yarn weight 860g/m² ±10%
Tuft withdrawal force (dry) ≥40N
Backing Characteristics
Backing cloth Double green PP woven
Weight per unit 240g/m²
Coating type SBR (DOW)
Coating weight 900g/m² (Dry) ±10%
Total backing weight 1140g/m²
Total carpet weight 2000g/m²±11%
Test Results
Permanence against UV Rays W.O.M testing 8,000 hours in accordance with DIN53387
Fastness of the color Blue scale (1-8)>7 in accordance with DIN54004
Line color White
Line width 100mm, 75mm, 50mm
Bottom layer
Composition Washed and dried silica sand (90% round)
Top layer
Composition Recycled rubber granules
Warranty 11 years (solar activity in 100-160W/m²)

Note: Maintenance can be seen in separate documentation available on request from Torchgrass. We reserve the right to modify these specifications.

Torchgrass company is a leader in the industry of synthetic turf. The main business for our company is manufacturing and sales of synthetic lawns. Our synthetic lawns are applied to rugby field, campus football field, baseball field, tennis field, golf field, hockey field, indoor children’s playground, landscaping and other uses for leisure. And tennis synthetic lawn is the widely used. XP CT SLIDE-61517 tennis artificial turf is with high wear-resistance and anti-abrasion. Its features of softness, durability and good movement performance are worth for you buying. It can offer best experience for players in tennis matches or trainings.