ES8800 Soccer Artificial Turf

Among all types of sports synthetic turfs, soccer artificial turfs have been used for the longest time. Since 2001, more and more soccer matches have been held on soccer artificial turfs.

Beijing Torchgrass Company is a professional soccer artificial turf manufacturer based in China. Our soccer artificial grass or American football artificial turfs can also be used as rugby artificial lawns. Our 5-person soccer artificial lawns are characterized by great softness, high durability and are safe to use.

Technical Parameters
Soccer Artificial Turf ES8800
Use Soccer
Colors Bi-color (fieldgreen and Olive Green)
Packaging Roll width: 4.00m, 2.00m
Roll length: On request
Turf Characteristics
Composition Polyethylene
Structure TenCate Thiolon®,,fibrilatted
Yarn count 880000Dtex±10%
Pile height 30-70mm ±5%
Gauge 5/8inch
Stitches/m 130-170 ±10%
Tuft per square meter 8190-10710 ±10%
Tuft withdrawal force (dry) ≥30N
Backing Characteristics
Backing cloth Double green PP woven
Weight per unit 240g/m²
Coating type SBR (DOW)
Coating weight 950g/m² (Dry)
Total backing weight 1190g/m²
Test Results
Permanence against UV Rays W.O.M testing 8,000 hours in accordance with DIN53387
Fastness of the color Blue scale (1-8)>7 in accordance with DIN54004
Line color White
Line width 100mm, 75mm, 50mm

Note: Maintenance can be seen in separate documentation available on request from Torchgrass. We reserve the right to modify these specifications.

Features of 5-person soccer artificial turfs
1. Excellent properties. To some extent, the properties of artificial lawns are better than natural lawns. For instance, our artificial grass can protect players from hurting through the excellent buffer power.
2. Highly anti-abrasion and durable.
Our soccer synthetic lawns are designed with higher strength than that required by FIFA. Besides, multi-functional UV resistant materials are added to protect our artificial turfs from the damage of UV rays, thus guaranteeing a long service life.
3. This type of sports artificial turf can be used for different types of applications, such as used for holding rugby matches, etc. It can be used frequently due to its fast recovery capacity, even in bad weather conditions.
4. Easy to install and maintain. Generally, the soccer artificial lawn can be used for 8 to 12 years with simple upkeeps.
5. Environmental friendly. Our soccer artificial turfs are made of fabric Thiolon backing and monofilament which are environmental friendly. Hence, they are safe to use.
Beijing Torchgrass Company is a professional manufacturer of soccer artificial turfs based in China. In addition to soccer artificial turfs, we can also produce other sports artificial lawns, such as baseball artificial lawns, softball artificial lawns and tennis artificial lawns. These sports artificial turfs are made with advanced technologies and excellent raw materials, thus ensuring good properties and remarkable quality. Besides, to simplify your work, a guide book for maintenance of artificial lawns is provided and you can also call us directly by the phone list on the website. We are available in 24 hours.

Torchgrass company is engaged in various types of synthetic lawns for many years. ES8800 soccer synthetic turf is one of the main products in Torchgrass company. Apart from that, we have mass production of artificial lawn turf and provide turf solutions. Football meadows composed of ES8800 soccer synthetic lawn have features of strong wear-resistance, high resilience and excellent movement performance. ES8800 soccer artificial turf, you are worth it.